Kathryn Thomas in leather?

I was reviewing some of the stats as to who visits the blog, etc, and came across some interesting stuff. Google leads people to me on the strangest of leads: 2 people found the blog after googling “Kathryn Thomas in leather”, 3 with “Jessica Fletcher serial killer” but my favourite was the 3 people who found my blog with the phrase “What is the gayest chocolate bar?” I take responsibility for the latter 2, but Kathryn Thomas in leather?

The other interesting thing (well, it was for me) was about the fictional stuff I have posted to the blog. I write the odd short story, mostly for my own enjoyment, and a novella about a maverick FF candidate called “Elected” of which I put up the first chapter. When I put it up, I asked people for feedback on it,¬† and have received mostly positive remarks about it. What I didn’t realise was that over 400 people had downloaded it, so here’s my question: Would people read it if I posted the whole story as a serial, with an episode every week? It needs to be updated (it was written during the Tiger years, and it shows) and rewritten in parts (one character mysteriously reappears from the dead. A zombie in FF! Boom boom.) but what I’m most concerned about is this just being a bit of self indulgence on my part, and the posting that everyone will skip over every week, murmuring about “not another failed f**king writer!”¬†Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Kathryn Thomas in leather?

  1. I was one of the 200 !

    I certainly enjoyed the first chapter. Although I found the caricatures a tad simplistic and as you say there was very much tiger feel to it all. A revised and updated relaunch would definitely interest me though. Let us know if you go ahead.

  2. Post it to a separate RSS feed – that way people who are interested can subscribe, without affecting the others. (I’ll definitely read a chapter or two)

    It would also be nice if you publish it in some kind of ebook format, so that those of us with the flashy devices can carry it around. (epub by preference)

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