Kerry County Council to make drink driving compulsory.

Kerry County Council yesterday passed a motion by Cllr. Tommy Hardneck (Ind Fianna Fail) to make drink driving compulsory in the county. Addressing the world’s media yesterday, Cllr. Hardneck declared “Firstly, this is a road safety issue. Look at the statistics. When was the last time you heard of two drunk drivers crashing into each other? The problem is caused by sober drivers panicking at the relaxed but controlled manner of a fella who has had a few jars to calm his nerves. If everybody was as relaxed as that on the roads, we’d have far less fatalities. Secondly, there are the economic benefits. Requiring everyone to drink more will create jobs, in the same way that Clare used to kidnap American tourists flying from Dublin to the States, make them land in Shannon and force them to buy Foster and Allen’s Greatest Hits DVDs. This is the drink version of the Shannon Stopover.”

The councillor was speaking from an upturned 1994 Toyota Camry “resting” in a ditch, and attacked the EU for insisting on ditches and draining around the country and how it was the ditches that were turning Irish roads into death traps, not drink.  

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