Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, to contest Irish byelections.

It’s Khaleesi’s Way Or There’ll Be Trouble!

Various Irish political families, including the Reynolds and O’Rourke families, have reacted with anger to the news that the Khaleesi, Daernerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, is considering contesting either the Longford Westmeath or Dublin West by-elections.

A source in Fine Gael headquarters remarked: “Who does this person think she is, through an accident of birth, having some sort of entitlement to an office of state? I mean, it’s very well wandering around the desert liberating slaves and having copious amounts of sex with very buff nomadic types, sure we’d all love a bit of that, but the real question is how many queries has she raised with the county council? Has she lobbied at all to get a new roof for St. Jude’s? She’s got a cheek!”

A spokesperson for the Targaryen campaign has suggested that the campaign will be funded by selling her campaign posters. When queried as to whether that unusual fundraising initative will work, the campaign said: “Have you actually seen the Khaleesi? On the poster, she’s basically wearing a shoe lace and a very small leather hankie. We’ve already had to order another 10,000.”

Fianna Fail HQ have said that they’re not concerned, given that they have their own Dragon Mother in Longford. In Dublin South East, the true Irish Khaleesi is plotting with a small group of eunuchs.

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