Labour’s Good Idea.

The people's flag, it used to be red, now they all suffer from gout instead.Some months ago Labour made a really interesting suggestion which I’m surprised has been let wither. It appealed to me because it seemed a) practical, and b) was unusual for Labour in that it was a concrete suggestion as opposed to having Joan Burton just sigh aggressively at people.

 The idea was that a big ball of money be thrown at schools and community centres, etc, for small extensions, repairs, upgrades, etc. The money would then be used by the schools to engage small local builders on the projects, creating jobs, and putting money into local ecomomies, etc.

I liked it. Giving people a tax cut in these nervous times will just end up in it being hidden under the bed as opposed to being spent, and spending huge sums on infrastructure employs a relatively small number of people ( Look at a big road project next time you pass. More heavy machinery than people.) and sends a lot of the money out of the contry as they tend to be foriegn civil engineering firms. This way keeps the money in the country, and keeps fellas off the dole.

I know, it’s a bit FDR, but what’s wrong with that?

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