Let’s have a referendum on judges pay. Assuming FF aren’t frightened by men in wigs.

Some public sector employees wearing wigs yesterday.

Some public sector employees wearing wigs yesterday.

We’re voting in October on the Lisbon Treaty. Why don’t we have a referendum on permitting the Oireachtas to cut judges pay? If there isn’t a barrister in this country capable of drafting such a bill, I’m sure we can find one in the UK. Or at least give us all the right to opt out of the government’s new taxes and levies.

Of course, the fact that Fianna Fail won’t do this just goes to show how knackered, stale and just plain wimpish the party is. Every time an FF minister is confronted with a issue, they shrug a highly paid shoulder and basically ask what it has got to do with them? Isn’t it extraordinary that FF, when handed a populist issue like this, just bottle out? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. The Taoiseach is even afraid of ordering his own TDs to vote to scrap the pre-retirement ministerial pension in case they tell him to f**k off.

I’ve never been a fan of Dev, but I’d bet he wouldn’t have been as big a pussy as this crowd. And he wouldn’t have been afraid of a load of men in wigs either.

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