let’s waterboard Dick Cheney.

Fmr. VP Dick Cheney can help clear up the confusion about waterboarding.
Fmr. VP Dick Cheney can help clear up the confusion.

Here’s the thing, from the New York Times: President Obama has basically pardoned various CIA agents for torturing terrorist suspects, and he is right to do so. They did not set the policy. But various members of the Bush administration have said that waterboarding is not torture, rather an effective means of gathering intelligence. So let’s try it. Let’s waterboard them and tell them that we’ll stop when they admit to being gay atheist North Korean spies. If they don’t admit to it after being waterboarded 266 times, they’re right, and we will owe them an apology. 

But if they do, to stop us waterboarding them, let’s lock’em up for being the gay atheist pawns of Pyonyang.                             Everybody wins!

2 thoughts on “let’s waterboard Dick Cheney.

  1. This is true. But they did receive advice from the DoJ that what they were doing was legal.

  2. The principle of the Nuremberg trials and the grounds on which many war crimials were convicted by American run courts was that following manifestly illegal orders is a crime. So, just because you’re ordered to do something doesn’t mean you are without blame.

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