Went to Leviathan to hear some political cabaret and debate on the subject of reforming the constitution. Interesting debate and thoughtful input from Elaine Byrne, Brendan Halligan, Gerard Hogan and Ronan Mullen. A couple of points struck me:

1. There is a division in Irish society between those who believe that we all played a part in our current difficulties (and I’m one of them) and those who feel, even though they voted for FF, that it has nothing to do with them.

2. Ronan Mullen got booed (unfairly) for making the very reasonable point that Irish people seem more interested in being angry than in discussing ideas about how our society is shaped. He’s right. 

3. How our political parties have almost no relevance to the current debate. The fact that we have had 12 reports on political reform by Oireachtas committees which successive FF/FG and Labour govts have done little with says something.

4. Particularly enjoyed the audience member who shouted out “10% of the population are foreigners!” as his big observation.

This would be a terrible crisis to let go to waste…

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