Lousy poll for Fine Gael. Yeah, you heard me right.

A drag on the ticket. Today’s Irish Times poll continues the recent trend of Fine Gael leading the pack, and Fianna Fail doing crap. It’ll no doubt be ballyhooed by Fine Gael people who will, as usual, miss the point.

Fianna Fail is on 22%. 22%! Why isn’t Fine Gael on 42%? Why in the worst economic conditions since WW2 are the leading opposition party not absolutely cleaning FF’s clock?

Is there anyone not in Fine Gael who does not believe that Fine Gael would be streets ahead with someone other than Enda at the head. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve met the man, and he is decent, has integrity, and is a nice guy. But he’s had his chance, and by staying, he is denying FG the chance to deliver a crippling blow to Fianna Fail.

As usual, Fine Gael measure themselves not by actual success but always with regard to Fianna Fail. As a friend pointed out to me, If Fianna Fail and Fine Gael were on the Titanic, Fine Gael would regard Fianna Fail going into the water first as a success.  

The difference is, Fine Gael would go down with the ship. Fianna Fail would probably swim to the iceberg, set up a cumann, and start arranging haddock grants for the seals. They’d already have rezoned the north side of the ‘berg for apartments by the time the rescue ship arrived.

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