Make Brendan Drumm a junior minister. Yes, we can actually do that.

Junior ministers's actually knowing stuff? Outrageous!

Junior ministers's actually knowing stuff? Outrageous!

Much talk about junior ministers, the need for, etc. A very smart pal of mine (How smart? He uses the word “behoves” in general conversation.) has suggested a novel idea.


Rather than appoint a bunch of parliamentary party latchycoes to office for the cash, why not appoint talented people? Take Brendan Drumm. He controls a budget of €16 billion, giving him more power than most cabinet ministers. Yet, he isn’t answerable to the Dail. So let’s appoint him instead of one of the “Davin-Power Bedazzled.” At least he’d be held accountable.


But you can’t, I hear you cry. He’s not a TD.


He doesn’t have to be. Junior ministers are not mentioned in the constitution, they are created by legislation. We could legislate to appoint non-TDs.


I can hear the shock and outrage, especially from Fianna Fail. Undemocratic? Brendan Drumm has more power than ALL our junior ministers together. He already has the power, so how is making him accountable to the Dail less democratic? The same clowns who will shout “undemocratic” voted to give an unelected man control of a quarter of our national budget!  


What they really mean is that some hard working PP stalwart will be deprived the few extra bob that he’s “entitled to”. Yeah, they’ll dress it up as national interest and all that guff, but the fact is, the Fianna Fail interest always comes first, and that’s why the party is so out of touch with feeling in the country.


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