Enda Kenny attacks Mary Harney for carrying out FG policy.

Speaking in the Dail yesterday, Mary Harney said that “I find it strange that when we ask hospitals to make efficiency savings, some hospitals decide that the most sensitive area is the area that should be cut first.” She may be right.

Enda Kenny has demanded she resign for saying that.

Mary Harney is one of the most courageous politicians of her generation, in that she took on willingly the Kryptonite of government departments, whilst others, including the Taoiseach,  ran from it as soon as they could. But in making that  statement, she needs now to give an example of a hospital where a less sensitive cut could have been made.

By doing so, she will have proven her point, and then put the question to Enda Kenny: Is he really up to the job of reforming the public sector? Because if he believes that there are no savings to be made at all within our hospitals then he is not fit to be Taoiseach.

Additional note: Just looked at FG’s health proposals. This is what they say:

2. EFFICIENCY is not an optional extra
The Government seems to believe that efficiency is somehow an optional extra. It is no surprise, therefore, to find Ireland ranked 24th in Europe for value for money. FairCare, by making the system much more efficient and transparent, will allow more patients to be treated, and help ensure that taxpayers’ money is not wasted.”

You can see the complete FG plan here: http://www.faircare.ie/plan.html

So, in other words, Fine Gael policy is that savings in hospitals can be made without cutting the more sensitive services. Which is what Mary Harney is saying. Hmm.  I wonder, should someone tell Enda what FG policy is?

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