Michael Noonan: The John Howard of Irish Politics?

In 1987 John Howard led the Australian Liberal (conservative) Party to defeat in a general election, resulting in him being ousted a year and a half later. He then served under two party leaders, retook the party leadership in 1995, and went on to win three general elections in a row. Looking at FG’s bump in the polls, and the mysterious disappearence of Enda (has there been a ransom note? We should be told!) coupled with Noonan’s excellent performance as finance spokesperson (whatever happened to that other guy, Richard something? Good with figures as long as they are over over fifty, apparently) you can’t help wondering as to whether there is such a thing as an encore in Irish politics.

Here’s a thought for Fine Gael. It looks like there could be a UK style Taoiseach’s debate during the election. Deep, deep down, when you’re alone in your cold, empty (I’m assuming here, although the rule doesn’t apply to Fine Gael women, who tend to have no problem attracting suitors, in my experience) all-blue bed, who do you really want facing Cowen and Gilmore? Enda, or Michael Noonan? Seriously?  

3 thoughts on “Michael Noonan: The John Howard of Irish Politics?

  1. The Irish public can be forgiving. They forgave Haughey for arming the IRA. And, whilst it was certainly one of the issues that affected the public perception of Noonan, I’m not convinced it was even the main reason for FG’s wipeout.

  2. No chance.

    Those of us with long memories remember the Bridget McCole case – where Noonan as Minister for Justice blackmailed a terminally ill woman, hastening her death and necsssitating the Hepatits C tribunal.

    He was crucified by the electorate in 2002 GE for this.

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