Monkey re-elected Mayor in Hartlepool.

The Mayor of Hartlepool

The Mayor of Hartlepool

From the BBC.  This guy was originally elected running as h’Angus the Monkey, the mascot of Hartlepool FC (And constituency of Peter Mandelson) and caused outrage by actually taking the job to which he had been elected to. This is now his third term, so he must be doing something right.

Incidentally, the reason HFC uses a monkey as mascot is to do with an incident during the Napoleonic Wars when the good burghers of Hartlepool executed a monkey for being a French spy. Apparently he blew his cover by displaying better table manners than they had*

(* I’m taking the piss. I have no idea how they caught him. Maybe his false moustache fell off at the wrong moment.)  

One thought on “Monkey re-elected Mayor in Hartlepool.

  1. There are a number of theories. The locals, not being too familiar with French people or monkeys, were convinced that the monkey was speaking French. That or because of his charming way with the more hirsute women of the town…

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