Movies to avoid (Or watch in horror): Skyline.

Run from the aliens? The cinema, more like.

Run from the aliens? The cinema, more like.

I don’t review  every movie I see, just the ones that catch my eye for a particular reason, or ones like this that are just so bad as to be worth noting for their awfulness. It stars people who tend to be second tier stars in TV shows (Scrubs, 24, Dexter) whose names you won’t know, and is about an alien attack on Los Angeles. What’s so bad about it?

Well, it isn’t for the fact that it is basically derivative of Independence Day, HR Giger and Cloverfield, because derivative can be good.

It isn’t for the fact that the dialogue is bloody awful and just there to link one pretty impressive CGI sequence to another.

It isn’t even the decision of the two main characters to snog in the most odd place possible.

It even has some good points, in that the aliens aren’t indestructible, as the US military and one character proves by physically beating up an alien.

It’s the ending. Now, I like science fiction, and I accept that science fiction endings can go odd ways, but the ending of Skyline is so preposterous that I actually felt cheated. The end credits have a number of scenes in them finishing out the story, and the last image actually had people laughing, which I suspect was not the intention.

It’s a good job the International Criminal Court doesn’t do directors, because these guys would be going to jail. 

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