Music you might like: Andy Lewis

With just the right amount of wacka wacka guitar. Right, let’s get it out in the open. My friends have passed the following comments about my tastes in music:

” Awful ” 

” What’s that shite you’re listening to? Now That’s What I Call Lift Music?”

” What the fuck is that? The music from the Milk Tray ads?”

I have, shall we say, eclectic tastes in music, with a hankering for the Burt Bacharach sound. Jazzy, orchestral, 70s wacka wacka and a terrible soft spot for the odd bit of  lounge and soundtrack music. There, I’ve said it. I’m out of the closest. I don’t think someone who can appreciate the odd bit of  Henry Mancini or Roy Budd should be beaten to death with a Girls Aloud album. Sorry.

Andy Lewis has put together a very varied album, with all of the above. Funky, and worth having a test dabble on iTunes.

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