My naked self interest.

Go on, spoil yourself.

Go on, spoil yourself.

Can I draw readers attentions to two things, please, both of which involve my financial well being.

1. Don’t be afraid, whenever you visit, to click on a few ads (to your right, and scrolling down) when you’re visiting, as it provides a (very) modest revenue stream which helps pay for the upkeep of the blog.

2. If any of you are amongst the millions of people buying Kindles and other ereaders for Christmas, don’t forget you can treat yourself to my very competively priced political “dramedy” eNovel, The Ministry of Love, on Amazon. Details here. Every copy come with a free Lib Dem prime minister in it!

Uggh. I feel so dirty. I’ll be hawking 1982 Ford Capris next.

Thank you for your attention. Normal service resumes. 

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