Nigel Farage: Defender of (some) nation states.

” I cannot apologise for the fact that Belgium is a completely artificial construction and a mistake ” Nigel Farage, Sinn Fein/Coir ally and defender of national sovereignty, decides to tell 11 million Belgians that they are a non-country.

Considering that the Belgian state is both more populous and older than the Irish republic(1830, and approx 11 million, just in case you’re wondering), isn’t it a good thing that we have people of the calibre of Deputy Farage to go about telling us who belongs to a genuine nation, and who doesn’t.

Once again, he’s walking proof why small and medium sized nations need the European Union: To protect us from the Nigel Farages of the world. 

3 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: Defender of (some) nation states.

  1. Jeez.

    Defending La Belgique was part & parcel of UK involvement in both International Wars.

    Fat lot of good it did us

    Vide Robert Graves (Goodbye 2 all that). The most sensible action the UK (& Ireland)
    could have done between 1916-18 was to join with their natural German allies & work
    over La belle France. Job done.

  2. The Belgian state may be older than the Irish one but the Irish nation is around a lot longer than the current Irish state. I cannot say what the situtation is in Belgium, not being familiar with its history. However I would be curious to know what piqued these remarks? What is the context of the Belgian state being created? Mr. Farage must have had some basis for these remarks?

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