Nothing to do with me, guv.

Frosties? Hate the f**king things.
Watching Questions and Answers last night I was thrilled to see the return of that great Irish trait, the “It’s all dem up dere’s fault!”
It was a delight to listen to people bitching about how Fianna Fail “squandered” all the money and how the property boom was let run wild like Britney Spears at an Inappropriate Husband convention.
Yet we elected them. 3 times. I’m not a Fianna Failer, and I didn’t vote for them, but they were elected by us. And all that “squandered” money? Remember those tax cuts and massive increases in public spending and benchmarking that we all cheered? Remember all those people who sneered at the idea of property taxes or called restricting mortgages to 85% “treating the Irish people like children?”
That was us, that was.
Do not ask for whom took the Celtic Tiger out into the car park and kicked the crap out of it, for it was us.

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