Odds and Ends.

A few things that caught my eye about the place. The things. Not my eye:

Right wing historian Niall Ferguson paints a troubling but all too plausible picture of the world in ten years time in a video on The Daily Telegraph website here.

Michael McLoughlin relaunches his excellent Foreignpolicy.ie as a blog here.

The dark and mysterious shadow war that is the Seanad elections is throwing up some interesting candidates, including that thoughtful blogger Dan Sullivan, who is running on the NUI panel. You can read his platform here. As a fellow beardist, I do like his direct pitch for the Charles Stewart Parnell vote.

Australian electoral expert (Their version of Peter Snow or Sean Donnelly) Antony Green on some of the ludicrous nonsense put forward by the No-to-AV people. Here.   

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends.

  1. That last post has got to be a wind-up !

    (Slightly) OT, but Pat Carey still able to walk the streets without having to look over his shoulder for the Posse ?

    Yes, I did say Posse……

    Kind regards

  2. Hello, i’m sorry for my english, i have to improve
    it with a long vacation in Great Britain one day.

    I’m sorry to use your post for another argument that has nothing to do with, forgive me, there aren’t lot of way to debate with people of others country about the theme of the European federalism…so that’s why i’m here.

    Anyway, i red the post “Time to hug a eurosceptic?” on thenewfederalist.eu and i was surprised.

    Not about the article, but surprised by my limited vision of united kindom & irealand vision of Europe.

    From the continent we have the feeling of a strong euroscetticism coming from the british isles.

    In particular from England. So the idea of an Irish (or Bristish, if British Eurolovers(?) exist) entusiast about the idea suprised me in a good way. But the sensation is that the majority of you (British, Irish, Scottish) are against the idea of a politacal Europe, am i wrong?

    You can imagine that this euroscetticism causes opposite not great feeling in return, especially from who like me is a great European patriot, if of a european patriotism we can talk.

    I know that Great Britain have in common with U.S. lot of things, especially the language.

    But, the question is:

    Is really only the language that make us similar? that’s make us one people?

    When will the England begin to feel fully european in the way we (europeans that live on the continent) do?

    I now you’re Irish, not British, but maybe you can explain the hate of British to the idea of a political Europe.

    Why persist in this kind of reject? If not for feeling, at least for necessity, Europe must be a political union, the alternative is to be more & more marginal on the global scene.

    If the americans are the cousins of british (and Irish, Scottish), the Europe in his team, his friends grown up with. Like our friends when we were children.

    You (reffering to british who may read this) have to decide is if more important the language, etc, in common or the history that you share with the rest of Europe, the history… and the destiny.
    That’s it, we share a common history and we will share our destiny. A strong Europe means a strong occident. United we can win the battles of the new century, united we can have voice to stop bad boys (like Gheddafi and friends for example), united we can defend our culture, united we can have a better future, i hope.

    Not all in this Europe works the way we expected, but the answer is not less Europe, is more Europe.

    Maybe as Irish, you can’t answer my question, i will understand, but you can give an Irish point of view of this “euroscetticism” coming from the british isles.

    Maybe the only way to understand is to do a long trip in England and ask. Again, forgive my “intrusion”, it was just a release for all the euroscetticism becoming more and more ear-splitting and as an idealist like i am, this is frustrating.

    P.S. i’ve been in Dublin couple of years ago, and i like the city and his surrounding very much. I hope to return and explore the rest of Ireland soon.


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