Odds and Ends.

Sinn Fein’s Jonathan O’Brien TD (CNC) is quoted in today’s Irish Times on the subject of a visit by the British Queen:

“Amid indications of a possible visit also to Cork, newly elected Sinn Féin TD Jonathan O’Brien has said the queen is not welcome in the city and that his party will be organising protests if she makes an official visit. “If she comes to Cork does she plan to apologise for the burning of the city under her grandfather, George V? Or the reign of the last monarch to visit Cork, Queen Victoria, during which a million Irish people died of famine?” He added that the British monarchy was based on a set of values which he believed most Irish people did not share.”

When I read stuff like this, or stuff from loyalists wanting to relive every PIRA murder, I always think: Enough already. Can we move on please? We have all agreed a settlement, you know. I wonder, should the British and Irish governments not just sign a final “Total Apologies” document, covering everything we did to each other, once and for all. Or is the demand for apologies lark too much like a sore tooth to Sinn Fein, that they just love to poke with their tongue no matter how counter-productive it is?  

In other news, I see that President Obama’s visit may be only a couple of hours. Bad political move, I would have thought. Surely it will not do the president any harm, as he approaches re-election, to be seen being cheered in a country that most middle Americans regard as being, well, normal?

Will Jonathan O’Brien demand that President Obama apologise for the US government tolerating slavery for so long, I wonder? 

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