Odds and Ends.

Will be renouncing my Catholicism in the census tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not an atheist, indeed it will surprise some that I actually find comfort in prayer. But I really don’t want to be associated¬†with an organisation that regarded being gay as a more serious matter than raping children.¬†In short, I can’t be a Catholic anymore because I believe in a compassionate God, and they don’t. So I’m cutting out the middleman and going wholesale.

Interesting piece about the Schools Chancellor of New York City resigning here. Imagine that. A public official resigning because the mayor felt they just weren’t up it. Won’t see any of that nonsense here.

3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends.

  1. Well good luck Jason – probably meet you in purgatory some day where you’ll be re-reading old posts going, “did I really say that?” as you learn to be a Catholic again. See Madonna thinking of ditching kaballa for opus dei.

  2. I will probably be filling in the box marked Catholic but I do have very mixed feelings about it. In some sense I’m like the Blaneys used to be about FF; it was FF that left them not the other way around. I get the feeling that the institutional church left us a good few years back, when it prioritised the institution over the actual message of compassion and love that Christ would have been seeking to spread. That said, since I’m not actively leaving for something else, I’m inclined to continue to mark that same box as before. A pity they don’t do what polling companies do and allow us to mark how strongly we’re inclined towards that choice.

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