One of the great fictional political speeches of all time.

Spencer Tracey plays Grant Matthews, a millionaire running for the Republican nomination in 1948 in Frank Capra’s “State of the union”. This is when he decides, live on air, that he’s sold out. Now that’s acting. Great stuff. Keep an eye out for a young Angela Lansbury, before she started travelling the world murdering people.


One thought on “One of the great fictional political speeches of all time.

  1. Total propaganda. To accept any of this means you have to pretend that the left at the time weren’t a disorganized mob organized by a bunch of political jokers in smoke filled rooms, and that to be a conservative meant that one wore a top hat and twiddled a handlebar moustache while spit roasting babies. This film was a landmark moment in constructing the mythology of of the American left which is backed up by virtually nothing.

    The left opposed every civil rights measure until it became politically useful to them to pretend that they owned the issue. What’s worse is that they provoked the backlash and rioting because they didn’t enforce civil rights laws until Johnson could no longer maintian the pretense that kept a key Democratic constituence on board: the Klu Klux Klan.

    The New Deal impoverished more people, and widened the income gap between back and white far more that the depression itself. Hoover put in place the nacent recovery when FDR took office, and FDR sent unemployment back up in the area of 20+% with his meddling with civil society for the purpose of shifting as much power away from the state government and to Washington as possible.

    Read Amity Schlaes’ “The Forgotten Man” to get a sense of what all of that experimentation and expansion of government powers did to people who were, in large part, making their own recovery.

    Then, as now, with the government adding approximately 1000 pages of regulations and laws every month, we in the free market could actually fix the problems that big activist government has caused if they will only get their damned boot off of our neck.

    We lost 3 project in the past year to costly and pointless new regulation, over and above the owners and developers having figured out on their own how to get around the fact that conventional lending for construction projects of that type is virtually non-existent.
    It would have permitted us to hire 20 people at my estimation, and generate appproximately 150 construction jobs for each of those projects alone.

    TYou can thank the interventionists whose skin gets flush and hearts warm unquestioningly at the sight of the bumper sticker of our first logo-branded presidency for that – unless the hardship of all of the people I described above is what you really like.

    Then again, success to a leftist might be to take pride in the number of people they managed to give food stamps to. Trying to find numbers to identify the scale of their compassion, I suppose.

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