One reason why the No to Lisbon crowd should be ignored.

The Wreckers want a NO vote.

The Wreckers want a NO vote.

They are wreckers, not builders. They demand an alternative, and yet cannot point to an alternative that would garner more popular support amongst Europeans than Lisbon. Lisbon has united the centre right, centre, and centre left. When are Joe Higgins, Mary Lou, Richard Boyd Barrett and Youth Defence in their current guise sitting down with David Cameron to agree their alternative document?

Have a look here at Open Europe, a British Eurosceptic website, and look at what they are saying about the EU and workers rights. Does Joe Higgins agree with them? Almost certainly not. But it goes to show that the No side is not capable of building a credible alternative because, quite simply, if we put them in a room together there’d be snots flying.

Lisbon is the outcome 27 countries working together. The Irish No side could not even agree amongst themselves. Could Joe Higgins agree with Coir on abortion rights? Yet they claim they could unite European opinion with an alternative to Lisbon? In the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby: “Round Objects.”   

3 thoughts on “One reason why the No to Lisbon crowd should be ignored.

  1. It you lived in mud shack would you build your six bedrooms ensuites on top of it? Yet you want us to put the Lisbon treaty on top of greed, exploitation, corruption etc.

  2. You seem to suffer from the same misconception that most “yes” campaigners seem to suffer from: The assumption that the public “No” campaign represents the majority of the people who voted “no”.
    It does not. A substantial number of people voted no because they have no faith in the current political establishment. And that includes the Joe Higgins, Mary Lou, Richard Boyd Barrett and other public “No” campaigners.

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