Outrage as Irish refuse to over-drink.

There are pints going undrunk! It's an outrage!

There are pints going undrunk! It's an outrage!

DIPSO, the Drinks Industry and Pub Services Organisation, has lashed out at recent figures showing that Irish people have started drinking less. ” It’s a disgrace!” A spokesperson said. “There are Irish people over 35 years old wandering around with their livers perfectly intact, making a mockery of a fine old Irish tradition of death by alcohol poisoning. Why, I was recently in a pub where a group of young lads each had a single beer, and then went for a bite to eat! Like a crowd of metrosexuals!”

DIPSO has called on public officials to lead by example. ” When was the last time you saw a good row in the Dail caused by drink? Sure, back in the day, the minister for justice used to wander into the house well-got, roar a threat at the opposition, and end up barechested and wrestling the opposition spokesman on agriculture because he didn’t like the look he gave him. It is time for a return to those traditional values.”   

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