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Bring back Lightman!
Bring back Lightman!

I read recently that the Tim Roth fronted show “Lie to me” had been cancelled after its second season. I wasn’t that surprised, because it was only a so-so show and most for the characters were pretty forgettable. However, Roth’s performance, as Dr Cal Lightman, a “human lie detector”, was very watchable, and I got thinking: Why don’t they use his character in some other more successful show, even as a part-time recurring guest? I could easily see him turn up in a few episodes of “Bones” or “Law and Order SVU”?

It wouldn’t be the first time, by the way, that a TV character has crossed over into another show. William Shatner’s Denny Crane and James Spader’s Alan Shore from “Boston Legal” both started out on “The Practice”, although it was with an idea to creating another show. Lou Grant, played by Ed Asner, made that most peculiar of leaps, from comedy in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to drama in “Lou Grant”. Colm Meaney and Michael Dorn both did it in “Star Trek”, although the record must be held by Richard Belzer, who has played the character of Detective John Munch in “Law and Order SVU”, “Homicide: Life on the street”, “The Wire” and “The X Files”.

The possibilities are endless. “Bones” is set in the FBI in Washington DC. Would it kill them to bump into White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman? Or solve a crime involving former President Bartlet? Or what’s Special Agent Scully doing these days?

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