Pirate Rescue: Is everyone delighted?

The crew of the Maersk Alabama on hearing that their captain had been rescued by US Navy Seals on orders from President Obama. Is it just me or does the guy on the far right in the white teeshirt look less than thrilled? Kinda ” Yay…..Yeah, it’s great he’s okay (Shit, I’m going to have to give him back that captain’s uniform I’ve been wearing in my cabin. Damn!)” The guy in the middle obviously has a question, and the guy in the red seems to be hailing a taxi. Well you would, wouldn’t you? The place is full of f**king pirates! Actually, I’m not sure that the guy in the grey teeshirt clutching the US flag isn’t a pirate who realised he’s caught on the wrong boat, and cheering the most enthusiastically so that no one stops and goes “Wait a minute, who the hell are you?” Which, incidentally, seems to be exactly what the guy in the checkered shirt is thinking. Pic by AFP/Getty.

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