Points of Interest.

I read a lot of stuff over a week, and so I’m going to try and put up some of the more interesting things I come across each week.

1. Sinn Fein cutting public services and increasing taxes on ordinary working people, as reported¬†here? Say it ain’t so! That partitionism is turning out to be a bit useful now, eh?

2. Yet another example of why people like me are so anti-tax reported here. The fact is, large elements of the state (and its ideological cheerleaders)¬†have very little respect for other people’s money.

3. Of course, not every country turns a blind eye to officials overpaying themselves, as reported here.

4. My kind of socialist. Check out Vermont’s socialist (Yes, that’s right. Socialist) US Senator Bernie Sanders speech against the Bush taxcuts for the mega-wealthy here. Even free marketeers like me think this thing is absolutely obscene.

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