Presents for the Political Junkie.

For that political junkie in your life, I’ve a few suggestions for stocking fillers. But first. Here’s what not to buy: Do not buy them either The West Wing on DVD (They probably have it) or Bertie Ahern’s autobiography, because just because someone is “into the politics”, it does not mean they want crap.

Here’s some political books a little bit off the beaten track that they may not have, but will enjoy. And if you want, click on the books category to the right, and scroll through. You’ll find a link to them to Amazon. And no, Amazon does not pay me for this. I’m just a really nice guy.

“Politics Lost” By Joe Klein. The best current book on how political consultants ruined US politics. A page turner.

“Boss” by Mike Royko. The story of Chicago Mayor Daley Snr. Raw politics at its best, and  a fascinating glimpse into how Irish culture dominated US big city politics.

“Alpha Dogs” by James Harding. The story of the first political consultancy, Sawyer-Miller. Great Fun.

“A View from the Foothills”. Labour minister Chris Mullins diaries. A very human and honest view from inside the Blair government. Best political book I read this year.

You will note that I have not listed any of the current batch of Irish political books. Sorry, but I’m up to my tits reading about fecking NAMA. A man can only take so much.

One thought on “Presents for the Political Junkie.

  1. I’m really enjoying “End of the Party” by Andrew Rawnsley at the moment. It’s thorough, incisive, and reads well.

    Also well worth a read is Paul Hockenos’ “Joschka Fischer and the Making of the Berlin Republic” (€23 on Book Depository incl delivery).

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