Presidential Age vote shows FG/Labour contempt for real political reform, voters.

I don’t have any problem with a 21 year old seeking to be president of Ireland. I’ve met brilliant 21 years olds, and dopes twice their age. But I still don’t know how to vote on this one, swinging from No to Yes to No on a daily basis.

The problem is why FG/Labour are wasting my money even asking us this question. The Constitutional Convention, much to my cynical surprise, actually came up with some good stuff. Then FG and Labour, two parties who don’t give a damn about the Presidential Age issue (count how many street lamp posters they paid for on the subject) decided to throw this one on the ballot in a feeble attempt to be political reformers. Even Fianna Fail in government didn’t waste our money and time with this nonsense. They just said they were against political reform.

We could be voting on elected mayors, letting non-TDs be ministers, Seanad reform…but Fine Gael and Labour picked this yoke to vote on. This is the issue that FG and Labour backbenchers voted through believing it to be the number one political reform issue facing us.

This thing. You know that scene in “Sherlock” when Charles Augustus Magnussen flicks Dr. Watson in the eye, and dares him to do something about it. That’s what they’re doing right there.

One thought on “Presidential Age vote shows FG/Labour contempt for real political reform, voters.

  1. It looks more and more that some bright Machiavellian spark suggested that on the basis of previous referenda, give the electorate one to kick the government with and then the other substantive one may just be taken on its merits and not freighted with an additional anti-administration percentage. It also covers the necessity to be seen to have done something with the whole Constitutional Convention business, but as you say, it’s a pathetic gesture towards what could have been a worthwhile exercise…
    It’s a pity maybe the 66 ‘lay’ members of that council don’t issue a statement or resign en-masse after the cynical way they’ve been treated despite deliberating on many issues and taking their duties as citizens seriously…

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