Proof that FG will NOT abolish the Seanad.

The person who decides FG policy. Insert name here.

The person who decides FG policy. Insert name here.

Enda Kenny’s inability to get his parliamentary party to carry out his wishes with regard to female candidates (see here) is a telling portent of his future ability to bring about radical political change as Taoiseach. If he can’t get his PP to even agree to this, how on Earth is he going to get his senators to vote to abolish themselves?

I loved, by the way, Lucinda’s “Irish solution to an Irish problem” approach to the issue, in other words, as we are not addressing every single obstacle to deal with female reprsentation then we should therefore do nothing at all. Up there with those people who demanded to know when NATO intervened in Kosovo why it wasn’t invading China to defend human rights there? In the words of the song: One day at a time, sweet Jesus. 

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