“Proper Order!” turns to “Concerns about civil liberties” as state orders DNA tests on ALL parents.

The decision of the Minister for Children to order all parents, not just Roma parents, to submit to DNA tests to verify that their children are in fact their own has met with a “mixed response”. Sources close to the minister, explaining the policy, suggested that “given that many people in the non-Roma community supported the Garda action this week, we thought, in the interests of Better Safe Than Sorry, to check to make sure that everybody’s kids were who the parents say they were.”

A large number of solicitors letters originating in South Dublin have already arrived in the Department, and a number of barristers have announced that they will be challenging the policy in the High Court. One leading barrister stressed that they were doing so “purely to test the constitutional principle of the policy, and for absolutely no other reason, and if you run a picture of Prince Harry anywhere near my statement I’ll see you in the High Court too.”

Dublin Airport denied that the large increase in young Baltic au pairs leaving the country with young infants has anything to do with the minister’s announcement.

 The National Milkman, Polish Handyman and Tennis Professional Coach Union has expressed its vehement opposition to the new policy announcement in a statement today.

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