Put a member of Ogra FF into the Seanad. Or a dead camel.

A meeting of the Kevin Barry Cummann yesterday.

A meeting of the KBC yesterday.

I see that some members of Ogra FF have started a campaign here on Facebook to get one of their own elected/appointed to one of the Seanad vanancies. It is an interesting idea, or at least, would be, if Ogra was full of vigourous new voices speaking out for their vision  of Irish politics and Fianna Fail.

But that isn’t the case, indeed, the people I’ve met in Ogra, whilst being intelligent (The ones that aren’t wearing their communion suit, smelling of wee, and breathing through their mouths like Gary Glitter at Disney on Ice, at least), are almost hardwired against saying anything in public or in front of each other about any political issue. When they do speak, it’s that treacle nonsense (“We need the country to come together in these difficult times to support the government as it makes the tough but necessary decisions whilst protecting the weak and improving competitiveness”……bleagh!) that pours out of young FFers.

The fact is, Ogra is like a crowd of camels. Sloping around looking suspiciously at each other with a big store of guff to last them through the political wasteland that is FF. When they aren’t trying to f**k each other, either over or literally.

Note: By the way, if any member of Ogra would like to offer a spirited defence, get in touch. I won’t hold my breath. I know how FFers don’t like, you know, writing things down. But the offer stands.      

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