Remember: A vote for Lisbon is NOT a vote for Fianna Fail!

Don't burn down your own house. Wait 'til the election and burn down theirs!

Don't burn down your own house. Wait 'til the election and burn down theirs!

If there was one issue that is worrying me about Lisbon Referendum, it is the pro-EU people I keep meeting who think the Lisbon Treaty is something to do with endorsing Fianna Fail. That means, therefore, that a No vote will somehow hurt FF. It is, I believe, the single most dangerous issue out there that the Yes campaign have so far failed to nail.

My solution? Badges and stickers saying that, on every Yes poster from IBEC to Labour to Ireland for Europe, saying that a vote for Lisbon is not a vote for Fianna Fail. Will it piss off FF voters, the most pro-Lisbon voters? Possibly, but going by recent polls, there isn’t as many of them as there used to be anyway.    

2 thoughts on “Remember: A vote for Lisbon is NOT a vote for Fianna Fail!

  1. To vote No to “get at” the Fianna Fail led government is quite candidly an ill thought out method of using such an important vote. The government will not last but the impact of the No vote will have lasting effect. While I can understand those who give careful consideration to the way to vote, this type of reasoning frustrates me intensely and shows a total lack of research. A Yes vote is vital for this country to progress and the arrival of the UKIP on the Irish scene further enhances the reasons to vote Yes. To vote No will contribute to their broader agenda. This group are treating us like a shower of Paddies who have no idea how to think for themselves and should be given their walking papers by all.

  2. Of course its not entirely true to say that a No vote is not a vote against Fianna Fail. A negative result in the Lisbon referendum would almost certainly lead to a challenge internally within the Fianna Fail parliamentary party for Brian Cowen’s leadership. It would weaken his control over the party unquestionably. Given that Fianna Fail and the Greens operate withi a very slim seat majority in the Dail, it could also prompt a few backbenc TDs to defect from the party and declare themselves as Indepdendent. Such a move would topple the entire government. So, effectviely, a No vote could in fact be a very decisive vote against FF.

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