Remember Enda’s drunk tank promise?

Enda: A man of his word.

Enda: A man of his word.

” For me a drunk tank is the proper place for anyone arriving drunk at accident and emergency units…Fine Gael will not tolerate the habitual, rampant drunkeness that has taken hold of communities all over Ireland. Arrive at an A&E drunk and you will be shown to your proper place- a drunk tank”

Enda Kenny addressing the 2006 Ard Fheis. The Taoiseach is a man of his word and integrity. Can anyone from FG tell me when this policy is being implemented? Or perhaps someone in Fianna Fail could put down a parliamentary question?

3 thoughts on “Remember Enda’s drunk tank promise?

  1. I hope you aren’t also holding your breath for the Minister for Finance to compensate the buyers of Eircom shares as he previously promised…

  2. Priorities have changed? Has Enda disavowed his own words on this? Where? In fairness, you cannot speak for Enda, whom I take as a man of his word. I will believe it has been abandoned when Enda says it is.

  3. The Fine Gael election platform of 2006 was rejected in the 2007 general election. Fine Gael put forward a different platform since 2007 and were elected to power on the basis of this. If this proposal wasn’t part of the FG 2011 election manifesto nor part of the programme for government then it is reasonably safe to assume that it is defunct.

    A lot has happened since the FG Ard Fheis in 2006 and as a result priorities have changed.

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