The more astute of you will notice that I occasionally “repeat” a post. I do this because I receive emails from less frequent readers who feel that I am posting material faster than they can read it, as such. As a result, I repost posts that I feel are worth reposting because a) I liked them(!) and b) so many events in Irish politics are so repetitive (How we deal with scandals, for example) that I almost have a universal one-size-fits-all opinion for them.

I will continue to attempt to post new stuff at least during the week, and occasionally at weekends.

Finally, let me just say how appreciative I am of the people who do read and comment and email me about stuff on the blog, even those who disagree with nearly everything I say, from their eurosceptic lair (You know who you are). I try to accomodate people’s requests, post suitable guest blogs (Always open to suggestions) and to the best of my knowledge I have only ever refused to post one reader comment, from a chap who wanted to post what can only be described as a tract. I have edited some comments, in the interests of libel, but aside from that everything goes up. 

When I started it, it was mostly as an outlet for mates of mine to read my regular rants, and when it supassed 100 readers, I remember thinking “Do I actually know 100 people?”. Now it’s in the thousands, which is still very modest for a blog but far, far more than I ever expected.

So, thanks. 

2 thoughts on “Repeats.

  1. Curiously, Fergus, I wouldn’t regard you as a eurosceptic either. There are too many pro-EU people who regard any criticism of the EU as being treasonous.

    The spare time at Christmas has allowed me to indulge a bit more, although my output will drop slightly next week.

  2. Well, I am not a Eurosceptic, or at least not in the rather perverse common meaning of that term, so you can’t have been referring to me.

    Nevertheless, I often disagree with content here, but never fail to be engaged, stimulated and entertained by this blog.

    I hope that you can keep it up. I note that the volume of posts this month is about double the norm. I would be more comfortable with the norm – can’t keep up, you see 🙂

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