Republicans vow to repeal socialist healthcare except that received by Republican congressmen, senators.

Leaders of the GOP have pledged that if the party retakes the House and Senate in the November midterm elections, they will reverse the socialist Obamacare law. “It is an outrage that ordinary working Americans believe that they are entitled to the kind of state funded healthcare¬†that Republican congressmen have received since medicare in the 1960s. Who do these people think they are? Lobbyists?” One Congressmen said yesterday.

“When we retake the Congress in November, the American people will be liberated from the filthy socialist healthcare that communists, Europeans and members of Congress think is normal. It is true that I, as a member of the Congress, must suffer the ignominy of subjecting myself to a state subsidised health system, but if that is the price I must pay so that I can tell my fellow Americans how bad it is, so be it. We must all make sacrifices.”¬†


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