Retro TV: Quantum Leap.

Continuing the occasional series about the TV shows of my youth, “Quantum Leap” ran from 1989-1993, and starred Scott Bakula (a very underrated actor, I find) as Dr. Samuel Beckett (!), a scientist who builds a device that allows him to travel through his own life period but by swapping with the bodies of people during those times. He becomes trapped, and is unable to return, only “leaping” to the next person when he rights a wrong in their life. He’s accompanied by a hologram of Admiral Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell), his boss and best friend, who remains behind feeding him information about the people he inhabits from Ziggy, a giant supercomputer that can predict the liklihood of events.

The series was dramatic, funny and occasionally uplifting, especially when Sam occupied the body of someone who would not normally have his intellectual or combat skills. Memorable episodes included him leaping into the body of Lee Harvey Oswald, and also encountering an evil female version of himself. The final episode was noted for its bittersweet ending.

The show became famous for the phrase “oh boy!”.

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