Retro TV: Moonlighting.

For a bit of variety, an occasional series on the TV shows of my youth that really meant something to me at the time.

“Moonlighting”, set in the Blue Moon Detective Agency,  ran from 1985-1989, and was a massive hit with its Breaking The Fourth Wall humour (remember the BMW horses?), witty banter, nonsensical plots and characters, and Bruce Willis as David Addison (in his breakthrough role) and Cybill Shepherd as Maddy Hayes. Also noticable for Mark Harmon (later Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, one of the highest paid actors in American TV today) as her love interest.

I used to think the theme song and opening credits were some of the most sophisticated things I’d ever seen on TV. And Cybill Shepherd? Wow. 

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