S2S: Sutton to Sandycove.

This is an interesting concept that’s been put forward by the civil group S2S, advocating a promenade and cycleway from Sutton to Sandycove.  You can check out their proposal here.  It reminds me of the New York High Line, which I blogged about here.

Of course, from a political perspective, a scheme like this always underlines to me the surreal way that decisions are made in Ireland. In New York, they lobbied the Mayor. In Dublin, you lobby the regional authority (whomever that is), the four county councils, the departments of transport and environment, the county managers, and any one of them can tell you that the responsibility actually lies with one of the others.

Secondly, even if an idea like this is implemented, someone has to be designated to make it work. If one looks at the boardwalk in Dublin city centre, it’s a prime example of a great idea permitted to be hijacked by a collection of drunks, thugs and junkies.

It would be a great shame if an idea like this is lost up in the “not my job” morass of Irish public decision making.    

2 thoughts on “S2S: Sutton to Sandycove.

  1. This is a fantastic project. Imagine being able to walk or cycle along the coast from the suburbs to the city centre on a traffic free promenade and cycleway. Dun Laoghaire to Dublin City centre in 20 minutes regardless of traffic. Not a single traffic light! The attractions to walkers and tourists are huge also. It is estimated that over 1m people walk down the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire every year… and then just walk back again.
    The problem in getting it going is, as Pidge has suggested, reluctance on the part of some officials to think positively and get on with it.

  2. This only appears to be getting attention recently. AFAIK, it was all go, but some county managers had issues with one or two spots along the route, and thus – like you say – it just stalled in nowhereness.

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