Senators do realise that they don’t own the Seanad, don’t they?

It’s 6am in the morning, and I should be getting ready for work, but I’m so livid with this report in The Irish Times that I had to write this. Senators complaining about taxpayers, the people who actually PAY for the Seanad, being allowed use the Seanad chamber for a debate about the future of the Seanad! The cheek! Who do these senators think they are? Is it possible that they have forgotten that it is we the people who own the Seanad chamber, and not them?

As this debate on the future of the upper house has continued, the more I’m swinging from being a Seanad reformer to a fervent abolitionist, and that is entirely because of the moronic and self serving contributions of senators fighting to save their own asses.

I’m willing to consider reform, but only if the exact details are put to me BEFORE an abolition vote. I don’t trust these bastards an inch, and I certainly won’t trust them to reform the house after a referendum. Reading recent remarks from senators, it’s becoming clear that many of them see themselves almost as an untouchable House of Lords, and for that reason alone they should be put to the (political) sword.

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