Should an Anglo Irish trial be televised?

With, nominally at least, a date of October 2014 for a trial of some of the Anglo Irish executives, we should now be considering should it be televised? There are arguments against televising, of course, with the phrase “media circus” jumping up and down like Jedward in a Red Bull commercial.

However, the reality is that the entire Anglo affair has brought seriously into question the confidence of the public with regard to our justice system, and how it deals with the powerful. Does justice not just need to be done, but be seen to be done by the great majority of the people of whose consent is required, in order for the system to stand?

Of course, the fear is that if the Irish public actually see an Irish courtroom in action, they’ll be appalled. Perhaps so. Maybe that would be the one good service the Anglo Irish gang will render the Irish people.

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