Simple promises worth keeping.

vote-badgeI, Gavin Goodteeth, if elected to Dail Eireann, promise the following simple and achievable pledges:

1. I will put on my website receipts for anything I claim in expenses.

2. I will, each week, take one registered voter I have never met before to lunch in the Dail. For all my failings, at least a couple of hundred of you will get a decent dinner out of it.

3. I will, once a week, praise one of my political opponents ideas or proposals. We’ve had enough of yah-boo politics, and no side has a monopoly on good ideas.

4. I will maintain a daily blog that I will write myself, and will not just be an online calendar nor a collection of clichés. Unusually for an Irish politician, I actually believe in things.

5. I will not require the government to keep open a teaching job for me whilst I serve in the Dail.

6. I will take my Dail pension at the same age as those entitled to the state pension get theirs.

All these pledges are, unlike most political promises, actually deliverable. I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to prove that.

Gavin Goodteeth,

Candidate, Dublin East.


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