4 thoughts on “Sinn Fein: Talk about taking something literally!

  1. Yeah… Huge bias in Evening Herald…

    Come on!! Evening Herald is way too low brow to have any kind of bias and being a tabloid, almost by definition if it had a slant it would not be right wing… considering their market base..

  2. Jason i cant wait to write up my comment on “Irish Politcs” and how we can all do well in a left wing Ireland inc Business…….

  3. In fairness, Tony, no one from Fianna Fail has ever been convicted of corruption either, nor has any member of the British Government ever been done for collusion with loyalists, so by your definition both are innocent.

  4. Jason as i have said this is right wing paper (Fine Gael to be honest) and it has a agenda, and answer this has anybody from Sinn Fein being convicted of this crime!!!!

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