Sinn Fein’s Killian Forde to join Labour?

Cllr. Killian Forde

Cllr. Killian Forde

One of SF’s rising stars, Cllr Killian Forde, has quit SF over the Dublin City budget (He voted in favour) and may be about to join Labour, according to David Cochrane over at

I’ve seen Killian speak once, in Trinity, and he was very impressive, and it makes one wonder what is going on in SF? Given the tensions over Lisbon, and Cllrs quitting, one would wonder is there a bit of a Worker’s Party/Democratic Left scrap going on in SF about what way the party should go? It certainly can’t be helped by the serious possibility, especially in Dublin, that FG are not performing as well as they should, and Labour could hoover up protest votes in the nation’s capital, a la Spring Tide II.

By the way, there are some in Sinn Fein who demand that he resign, in that the seat is the property of the party. I’m sorry? Maybe that happens in other countries Sinn Fein are involved in, but in this republic the people elect candidates to office, not the party politburo.

One thought on “Sinn Fein’s Killian Forde to join Labour?

  1. In this ‘Republic’ candidates who stand on a particular party ticket are also happy to use the dedicated membership, the party’s media machine, the party’s finances and support network to get elected with an acute understanding of the party’s policies and ideology.

    To suggest that the party brand plays no role in the eyes of the electorate when choosing a candidate is absurd, I suggest my good friend that you continue poking politics with a stick as you seem to know little else about it.


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