Six things that Eurosceptics just don’t get.

The EU: like the water supply, taken for granted, but would be missed if it weren't there.

The EU: like the water supply, taken for granted, but would be missed if it weren’t there.

1. Pro-Europeans believe in European unity for the same moral reasons you don’t.

2. If you succeed in dismantling the EU, you’ll have to find something/someone else to blame for your problems. Europe isn’t what bugs you. Modern life is.

3. Everything isn’t a conspiracy. I’ve met EU commissioners. They complain about how they’ve no power.

4. Every country in the EU complains that other countries are calling the shots. Even the Germans.

5. European countries have to choose between living in a world dominated by China or Russia, or standing together. Brits have more in common with Belgians than Beijing.

6. If we didn’t have the EU, we’d have to come up with something that pretty much does what it does anyway. The world is just too integrated to manage inside national borders. The EU is a tool for helping small countries manage a complicated world of 7 billion people.

6 thoughts on “Six things that Eurosceptics just don’t get.

  1. Following on from OS

    Master Briggs, in his attempt at a distainful bitch slap is obviously in need of schooling from My Noble Lord Fondlebum
    in attempting to explain to the unwashed the benefits of the

    Of course MNLF is paid by the EUSSR to dispense his wisdom.

    And his/your excuse ?

    Kind regards

  2. Jason you, and other Europhiles, seem so fixated with the preconception that those who do not support the EU are all homophobes sulking that they can’t grope their secretaries that you refuse to consider that actually they might have a point. It’s that same arrogant “We know what’s best for you” attitude that is precisely why cynicism and distrust of Western governments is so great and why support for the EU is falling.

    Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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