Some good ideas from Fine Gael.

Credit where it is due. FG’s proposals for political reform should be given consideration. They aren’t perfect, and in particular their proposals for electoral reform are too vague and limited, in that 15 seats is not enough and could, if elected on a regional basis, actually mean that small parties will win none of the seats. Also, vaguely calling for a list system is not good enough. A closed system will be packed by FF with hacks, and so it has to be a national open list with at least 30 seats to make it worthwhile.

One thing it will do for FG is at least show that FG recognise that things have to change. FF seem paralysed with indecision about the need for political reform, and it is one of those issues that does not as much catch the eye of the public (who don’t care that much about this stuff) as it does confirm the general staleness and out-of-steam image of FF.

FF could completely take the wind out of FG’s sails by bringing their own proposals to the people in a referendum in the autumn (perhaps from Sean Ardagh’s committee), along with the Dublin Mayoral election and the (now) three byelections, and give us all a day out, but what are the chances of FF coming up with anything radical and fresh by then? 

2 thoughts on “Some good ideas from Fine Gael.

  1. I think FG missed one huge expense in gov.

    Some thing that really bugs be, what is the purpose of county councillors? What is cost for them to the tax payer each year.

    This brings me onto the next tax payers drain. The county council, each county and city has one, massive duplication in services and admin, let alone the corruption caused by the local factor. They have proved they cannot do their job, floods in November largly caused by giving planning permission in flood plains, not dredging rivers, not maintaining drains. Again, the snow and icy weather, they couldn’t manage grit and keep major roads ice free. After the ice, the roads are falling part as not built to standards. All proof they cannot do their job.

    Create one centrally located council that admins everything and employs private contractors to do all work. Sack all regional staff, would save the tax payer a fortune.

  2. I thought the FG proposals, while a nice start (I am all for reviewing the constitution periodically) are a bit populist (e.g. the judges pay thing) and also don’t address some of the very pressing problems in the political ssytem like the lack of accountability. I know that is a hard one to fix, but something has to be done about fixing a culture where (recent examples excepting) no minister ever resigns for their cockups and a disgraced TD will never relinquish their seat until the Garda sirens can be heard coming up Kildare street. I think if that is fixed then maybe we can make a big step forward in the maturity and effectiveness of our body politic.

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