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Some questions about Gardagate.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 27, 2014 in Irish Politics |

1. At some point, a decision had to be made to install these recording tapes. Where are the minutes of the meeting, or who authorised the tender to buy the equipment? Did any of the previous ministers know about it? Will we ever find an actual name?

2. How will a Garda Authority have a better ability to break the Garda culture than GSOC or the Garda Inspectorate? Will it have the ability to appoint/dismiss senior Garda officers, including the Commissioner?

3. Are the Labour Party really so dim as to put protecting one of their appointees ahead of a genuine public outrage?

4. What are the arguments against appointing a Garda Commissioner from outside Ireland, other than the Guards won’t like it? The key argument for is a Commissioner who has not been house trained by internal Garda culture.


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