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December 2006.


Dear Tony,

Further to our conversation of last Saturday (Lillian sends her regards, and simply must know where that artisan bakery you got that Focaccia from is!) a few notes and action points for your approval.

1. Political Operations Section confirms the viability of the plan. CREAMCAKE’s spouse is almost certain to win the Parti Socialiste nomination in 2007, assuming Chirac does not seek a third term.

2. Despite CREAMCAKE’s modest position in the PS, he is nevertheless a wily behind the scenes operator. If his spouse were to enter the Elysee, she would almost certainly take guidance from CREAMCAKE on policy issues.

3. The policy issues we have asked CREAMCAKE to pursue are as follows:

a) a high tax on incomes and wealth, which will have the effect of driving business out of France and in our direction, including the more entrepreneurial classes. See attached Treasury note on income tax gains and effect on London property market. CREAMCAKE believes that a rate of 75% is possible. I remain sceptical.

b) maintaining of retirement age at 60, putting the French exchequer under huge pressure.

c) introduction of a financial transaction tax, driving businesses out of the eurozone and into the city.

d) restrictive employment laws to reduce attractiveness of hiring.

4. CREAMCAKE points out that such a policy platform will actually help his spouse secure support on the left of the party!

5. If she were to lose the election to a conservative opponent (Chirac, Bayrou, Sarkozy) CREAMCAKE suggests that a candidate from the right of the party, like Strauss Kahn, would seize the nomination in 2012 and oppose such a platform. I’ve asked the 00 section to look at some creative approaches to this issue.

6. I should warn you that CREAMCAKE does have aspirations towards the Elysee himself, preposterous as that sounds.

I await your instructions. See you at the thing on the 14th. Peter tells me an olive shop has opened just around the corner, with over 90 different varieties, the lucky thing!


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