Sunday Times poll puts Sinn Fein on 25%?

The recent Sunday Times poll giving Sinn Fein second place to Fine Gael, on 25% to 32%, is a very exciting result if it is anyway near to how people would actually vote. The truth is, if there was a serious chance of Sinn Fein-led government emerging, our first ever left wing government, that would be the most important election I would ever have voted in. There are a number of reasons why:

1. It would force Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to seriously consider coalition. As I have written in the past, I genuinely believe that once FF and FG enter government together, they will be locked together, CDU/CSU or Australian Liberal/National party style, forever, and quite happily too.

2. Labour will eventually give serious consideration to coalition with Sinn Fein, if only because, as The Worker’s Party proved in the 1980s/1990s, Labour does not do well when there is a strong non-government left wing option on the ballot when Labour is in government.

3. Sinn Fein is moving towards the French Socialist left. Just read their 2012 budget submission. It’s left wing, but it ain’t Richard Boyd Barrett. This is a party getting ready to disappoint its “true believers” wing, as the PDs, Greens and Labour all discovered was unavoidable when the It-Will-Be-Glorious! rhetoric of Opposition meets the Where’s-All-The-Money? reality of Government.

This is, of course, all assuming that FF and SF don’t come to an arrangement. If a Sinn Fein/Fianna Fail coalition came to power, it will be almost impossible to tell the difference from the current crowd, save for a few hundred million being squandered on Irish language boondoggles and Forums on a United Ireland, etc.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Times poll puts Sinn Fein on 25%?

  1. That’s right there Steven, make the small things big and the big things small – Bertie’s (maybe) €50k versus Banker’s/Wanker’s €500,000,000,000.
    And anyway why iz the gov. paying those kinda prices for toner in the first place; and do all those pages HAVE to be A4 – eejit.

  2. Well those who support SF should go and join the Shinners then and leave us real Republicans, the constitutional and semtex free ones, with the job of pragmatic opposition whilst they engage in their pathetic policy of perpetual populist protest.

  3. I am FF at heart ( & a former FF member here in Cork) but have voted Sinn Féin (No. 1) in the last Two elections. A partnership ov these Two iz probably their best hope , the Right in FF being the main problem here.

  4. I have spoken to quite a few FF people who would disagree, although there is a strong anti-SF wing in the party. There is also a strong Anti-FF wing in Sinn Fein.

  5. There’s not a single FF member I know who would allow or tolerate our party decending to the level of SF.

    It’s much more likely the pope will admit to being a transvestite than FF ever linking up with SF/IRA thugs.

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