Tara De Buitlear: Human Graffitti Shield!

I recently noticed this photo of FF candidate Tara De Buitlear on Facebook under the caption “Fighting Graffitti on Charles O’Toole Bridge” and was fascinated by it. Fighting graffitti? How? By actually just standing in front of the wall, which, to give her credit, is a novel approach, in that it’s pretty damn rare to hear of candidates for municipal office being spraypainted.

By the way, is that FG TD Brian Hayes in the middle of the photo? You wouldn’t dare spray graffitti on him. In the same ways swans can break people’s arms (Never met anyone who has had an arm broken by any form of waterfowl. I think it’s all spin by the waterfowl lobby to make themselves look hard, the same way the rodent lobby say rats can chew through steel. Sure if rat teeth were that hard we’d build space shuttles and deepsea submarines out of them, surely. But I digress.) Brian Hayes could give you a nasty bite and leave you covered in indignant statistics. Is that Charlie O’Connor there too? No surprises there. Charlie’d give the Holy Ghost a run for his money in terms of being everywhere in Tallaght at once. He’ll be appearing in the stations of the cross next.

Tara’s website link seems to be down, so here is her Facebook link. Well, if I’m going to take the piss I might as well give her a bit of publicity. Only polite, really.   

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