I’m looking forward to NBC’s new conspiracy drama, The Event, which premieres on Sept 20th in the US, and on Channel Four in October. Starring Blair Underwood as the US President, and one of my favourite character actors,  Zeljko Ivanek, as the head of the CIA (Go on, google them. You’ll go “Oh. Those guys!”) it looks like fun, although having watched the trailer you can’t helping thinking either aliens or vampires. Having said that, I’ll be weary to commit to watching the damn thing. Why? Because I’m sick of long running shows with either endings that don’t actually wrap up the story properly (Lost) or else get cancelled before they can finish the story (FlashForward/Dark Skies), which always leaves the danger that The Event could become The Disappointment. Surely it’s time that we pass a law that every TV show must have to film a 15 minute mini episode that wraps the plot loose ends if it is cancelled. Surely as loyal viewers we’re owed that. Now there’s something useful the European Parliament could be doing.

Peter Morgan’s The Special Relationship, starring Michael Sheen and telling the story of the friendship between Blair and Clinton, will be shown on the BBC on the 18th September.

Finally, I don’t normally watch Eastenders, but I did catch last night’s episode where a fire burnt down the Queen Vic. What I particularly enjoyed was how the residents of Albert Square attempted to douse the flames by shouting at them. Marvellous.

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  1. I felt the same after Journeyman was canned. Somehow I find it hard to make the effort to watch new shows knowing that if they’re good but get cancelled that I’m never going to get to the end.

    I blame this in part on a youth watching shows like the The Fantastic Journey (set in the Bermuda Triangle) Lost in Space (in which the family never got home) and the Logan’s Run tv series.

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